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An Expert in the Field Since 1954

Pioneers in the supply chain and logistics sectors, we provide clients with best-in-class supply chain solutions and logistics to support all facets of the supply chain.

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About Romark

Founded in 1954, Romark has established itself as a premier logistics provider with a strategic focus on innovation and technology, including robotics and automation. The company leverages its leading-edge technology to provide best-in-class service to a wide range of clients, including some of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage companies. For over 65 years, the company has grown strategically, and it continues to provide personalized service, always.

Our Mission

We deliver customized logistics solutions built on an unwavering commitment to provide outstanding service for our clients.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best-in-class logistics solutions provider while growing our business in a respectful and responsible manner.

Awards & Recognition

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2024 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers

Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner 2024

2024 Top 50 Leading 3PL Provider

2023 Top 50 Leading 3PL

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2023 Top 100 3PL Provider


This guiding value of our family-owned company centers on the importance of long-term relationships with our associates and their families, customers and vendors based on respect, flexibility, hard work, and integrity.


Keeping our associates safe and injury free is our everyday value; we want our associates to go home to their loved ones the same way they started the day.


Through service excellence and attention to detail, we can achieve the highest standards for our team and our customers.


In an industry with ever-changing needs, we strive to adapt and respond to evolving demands quickly and responsibly.

Performance / Continuous Improvement

Status quo is never enough. We focus on improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness so that our value proposition (relative cost to quality) is deemed the best in class industry benchmark.


We are committed to an inclusive work environment in which the unique perspectives and experiences of every employee are recognized and are critical to our success.


We incorporate green solutions whenever possible and foster the capacity to remain adabtable, independent and productive.

Automation and Technology

Meeting current and future client fulfillment requirements drives us toward excellence in a disruptive area in the industry.

As consumer demands grow, so does the need to provide more customized services and faster, more accurate order fulfillment. We facilitate shorter delivery windows and multichannel distribution for customer satisfaction and also support lean inventory methods to keep the shipper’s costs down. We offer fast, accurate order-picking systems that handle bulk orders and small, direct-to-consumer shipments, with space optimization that houses SKU varieties in one warehouse.

We maximize productivity with efficient operations – a task that is becoming increasingly difficult with manual processes alone. Our automated warehouse and distribution solutions are flexible and easily scalable. Robotic picking systems service a near-limitless variety of items and packaging sizes to access fast- and slow-moving inventory and create customized orders in any sequence. 

These systems optimize space utilization with a compact, modular design and eliminate the labor-intensive process of walking to each storage location for individual order picking. We integrate these with an automated system that offers complete traceability of products throughout a facility. This visibility gives us greater control over inventory management and order accuracy for better customer service.


As businesses take on more responsibility for their impact on the environment, we are implementing new and more sustainable processes to fulfill our corporate responsibility.

For years now, we have been implementing sustainability initiatives into our operations processes that include minimizing our transportation carbon footprint, optimization of waste outputs, use of recycled and sustainable packaging material, conservation of warehouse energy with solar or renewables, and much more. 

In partnership with our clients, we develop carbon impact analyses and assist in measuring carbon emissions. From there, we work to increase the fill rate per transport unit to move more goods while reducing our impact on the environment.

As we implement more responsible packaging, we use optimal, greener, recyclable, and sustainably sourced packaging materials. We also take great care when collecting and disposing of any wasted packaging material and do so in an environmentally friendly way. With the rise of e-commerce shipping, it’s best to work with a supply chain solutions and logistics provider that keeps up with environmental regulations. And we do just that while helping to lower our clients’ packaging and disposal costs in a sustainable manner.

We also understand how our warehouse operations can have an environmental impact. If we do not take the correct measures, energy usage can become a significant part of our operational cost and carbon footprint. We have successfully implemented sustainable processes that include: building automation systems, LED lighting, solar panels, electric powered yard trucks, vehicle changing stations, and other renewable energy sources. Our greener systems are reducing our environmental footprint without negatively impacting our performance.

Meet Our Team

Marc Lebovitz

President, Owner

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Marc Lebovitz has been actively involved in all facets of the family business since 1991. Marc has led sales and operations for over two decades and has overseen expanding the company’s network capacity, technology, and executive team. His passion lies in providing personalized service to all Romark clients and creating solutions to successfully navigate the dynamic landscape of the supply chain industry. He is recognized as an early advocate and adopter of automation, which enables the company to actively provide best-in-class logistics solutions.

Marc also serves as a Principal of Woodmont Industrial Partners, a joint venture between Romark Logistics and Woodmont Properties, which owns and manages a portfolio of 10+ million sq. ft. of industrial properties in high barrier-to-entry globally oriented seaports and intermodal transportation corridors.

Marc is focused on giving back and encourages companywide participation in events that support research, advocacy, fundraising, and awareness for various nonprofit organizations.

Marc graduated from Wagner College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Amy Lebovitz

Executive VP, Counsel, Owner

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Amy Lebovitz is an experienced professional in organizational and leadership development, real estate and risk management, company communications, and contract review. She has been instrumental to the business since 2002 and is a member of various professional and industry associations. Ms. Lebovitz holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University and a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law.  She is admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey.

Howard Berlly

Vice President, Finance

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With a rich background in financial leadership, Howard Berlly plays a pivotal role in steering Romark Logistics toward financial excellence. Howard oversees the financial strategies and operations and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in financial management, having held key roles in various industries before joining Romark Logistics. He is dedicated to ensuring fiscal responsibility and efficiency in all aspects of Romark’s financial landscape and long-term growth.

Michael Lebovitz

Vice President

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Michael Lebovitz plays an active role in the company’s business development, operations, and real estate efforts. He focuses on sales, marketing, operations management, market evaluations, procurement, development, construction, and leasing of real estate assets. Michael received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Master of Business Administration from Wagner College.

Nora McGrath

Chief of Staff & Strategic Advisor

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Nora McGrath collaborates closely with the Owner/President and executive leadership to shape business priorities and execute initiatives that enhance operational effectiveness. Serving as a strategic partner to the executive team, Nora spearheads special projects, offers valuable recommendations, and oversees diverse functions. Her role extends to ensuring alignment among executives and leadership. With over fifteen years of leadership experience, Nora brings a wealth of expertise gained from comparable positions in diverse industries, including construction and real estate.

Joseph Warakomski

Chief Information Officer

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Joseph Warakomski leads the company’s team of IT professionals, drives company growth through the implementation of transformative technology solutions, and ensures the IT infrastructure supports key operational, sales, and business functions. As a technology leader, he partners with key stakeholders in the company and builds dynamic relationships with our clients. Joseph has more than 20 years of technology expertise. He received his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA from Rutgers University.

Holly Courter

Director of Human Resources

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Holly Courter is responsible for managing all aspects of the HR department, including regulatory compliance, labor relations, and performance management. With over 20 years of experience in HR, Holly has a strong background in distribution, retail, and call centers. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from King’s College and an MBA from Wilkes University.  She also earned the designation of Senior Certified Professional from the Society for Human Resources Management and the Senior Professional in Human Resources designation from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

Ryan DeHoff

Director of Distribution & Packaging

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With over two decades of experience in leadership and management roles across manufacturing and logistics, Ryan DeHoff has excelled in logistics and traffic management, production and operations management, and quality and inventory management. Ryan is a graduate of leadership training at Penn State University, holds a Six Sigma Green Belt from Purdue University, and possesses specialist certifications in food safety, project management, and lean manufacturing. His visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have played a pivotal role in propelling the growth of Romark Logistics’ distribution and packaging business segments.

Sharon McStine

General Manager, Marketing & Business Development

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Sharon McStine is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing within the logistics and supply chain management sectors.  As a key player in business development, she strategically guides the company’s growth across various sectors managing marketing and customer relations relationship activities.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Management from St. Peter’s College and is actively involved in several civic and national trade organizations.

Michelle Tully


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With over 25 years of accounting experience, Michelle Tully serves as Romark’s seasoned Controller. Armed with a CPA in New Jersey and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from The College of New Jersey, Michelle expertly manages the Finance and Accounting department. Her role extends beyond number-crunching, actively collaborating with other departments to address financial and budgetary needs, and ensuring alignment with company goals. Michelle’s precision and dedication mark her as a key contributor to Romark’s financial success, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Michael Zavitstoski

Director of Business Strategy & Process Improvement

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Michael Zavistoski brings over 30 years of frontline leadership and senior level management experience within the areas of manufacturing and supply chain.  He is a leading contributor to the company’s strategic planning and business development processes that drive our company’s growth,  revenue, and profitability.  He works directly with the leadership team to identify new strategies and ways to expand and continually improve our existing processes and services.  Michael is a driving force and oversees our process development, continuous improvement, systems integration, and operational strategic planning efforts. Michael is a Marywood University alumnus with certifications in Leadership Development, Lean, Data Collection and Analysis, and Statistical Process Control.

Ryan Ziegler

Director of Automation, Engineering Sustainability & Facilities

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Ryan Ziegler is responsible for managing all construction, real estate capital projects, refrigeration systems, maintenance, pest control, food safety programs, sustainability, and automation across several million sq. ft. of facilities. He has 27 years of experience in project management, product development, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive products, heavy construction, and supplier management. He leads the company’s warehouse and automation projects focusing on building self-sustaining and detailed designs to meet operational requirements and supporting capital investment requirements. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and a Master of Science in Organizational Management from Misericordia University.

Kevin Gamber

Supply Chain Manager

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Kevin Gamber manages all site operations and projects. He has over 16 years of experience in leadership and management roles in the distribution and logistics industries, including logistics and traffic management, project and operations management, and quality and inventory management. His leadership, vision, and dedication have been instrumental in the company’s growth of the distribution business segment. Kevin has completed leadership training at Villanova University, earned his Six Sigma Green Belt from Villanova University, and holds specialist certifications in food safety, project management, and lean manufacturing.

Daniel Rubio

Supply Chain Manager for Northeast

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Daniel Rubio focuses on the quality of service and performance for warehouse operations.  He works with Romark’s clients and distribution centers to provide Personalized Service….Always.  As a leader, he builds relationships that promote the company’s organizational values.  Daniel has extensive experience in the logistics field, particularly in food distribution.  He received his undergraduate degree in food biochemistry from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, and holds an MBA from Lehigh University.

Associations and Certifications

American Trucking Associations (ATA)
Contract Packaging Association Member
Council of Supply Chain Management (CSCMP)
International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA)
National Safety Council
Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (SLoCT)
Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC)

Our Company History


Established company, specializing in providing logistics / warehouse solutions to companies throughout the United States.


Opened Romark Logistics in Waco, Texas.


Opened 1st of 3 new locations in the port of NY / NJ marine terminal.


Opened Romark Logistics in Memphis, Tennessee.


Opened Romark Logistics in Canada.


Opened Romark Logistics in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.


Acquired an interest in the WePackItAll Group, which specializes in primary packaging in Duarte, California.


Acquired ICW, a premier commodities distribution company in Florida.


Opened a new ICW facility in Edison, New Jersey and opened Romark Logistics in Lancaster, Texas, a dedicated warehousing operation.


Expanded WePackItAll in the Midwest with a new facility in Plano, Texas.


Opened Romark Logistics in Edison, New Jersey.


Acquired JTP Global / Logistics, a premier Southeast cold storage and transportation company.


Opened 3 new facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia.


Opened Romark Logistics in Pittson, Pennsylvania.


Opened Romark Logistics in Hutchins, Texas.


Acquired a NJ based trucking company, adding strategic capacity to the Northeast operation.


Opened a new operation in Irving, Texas and the Lancaster operation moves into its new climate- controlled building.


Romark Logistics of Edison expands with the addition of a third building.


Opened Romark Logistics in Phillipsburg, NJ, a dedicated warehousing operation.


Facility expansion in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and opened Romark Logistics in Bethel, PA.


Due to an increasing demand for logistics expertise Romark formalized its consulting services business