Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner 2024

Romark Once Again Recognized as a Green Supply Chain Partner

Westfield, N.J. – Romark Logistics, one of the country’s leading supply chain solutions, logistics, and cold-chain providers, is pleased to announce that it has once again been named a Green Supply Chain Partner by Inbound Logistics magazine.

This award recognizes the 75 leading third-party logistics providers that are demonstrating their ongoing commitment to sustainability in all aspects of their business. Romark has earned this recognition from Inbound Logistics for the past seven years. 

Romark continues to lead ESG efforts through innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships. “We are constantly building upon our accomplishments,” said Ryan Ziegler, Director of Engineering and Automation at Romark. The company invests in state-of-the-art automated material handling systems that significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions. In our pursuit of 100% carbon emission reduction, we have transitioned to lithium-ion batteries and are introducing electric yard trucks. We are partnering with SmartWay and piloting a “Trailers for Power” program that uses solar energy to power local assets, further showcasing our commitment to renewable energy integration. Romark is also an active participant in the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition reaching Level 4 in sustainability efforts.

“We are all dedicated to keeping the momentum going. Operating in a more sustainable way has a positive impact all around, on our employees, customers, and communities alike,” said Ziegler.

Romark’s continuous advancements in sustainability underscore our leadership in environmental stewardship and our commitment to driving positive change within the supply chain industry.