Romark Logistics Celebrated 20 Years of Thriving Partnership in Hazleton

Romark Logistics, a cornerstone of the Hazleton community for the past two decades, held its 20-Year Celebration Event on Friday, September 29, 2023, with great success and overwhelming support from clients, suppliers, employees, and the local community.

The event, held at Romark Logistics’ Hazleton facility, was a momentous occasion that showcased the company’s journey defined by unwavering collaboration, personalized service, and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. During the celebration, several key milestones and achievements were highlighted. 

Marc Lebovitz, President of Romark Logistics, reflected on the past two decades stating, “Celebrating 20 years of thriving together in Hazleton is a testament to our longevity, the power of partnership, and the success that comes from working hand in hand.” 

The event was attended by special guests who offered their congratulations and shared in the celebration of this milestone, including Charles Burkhardt, Chairman, Can Do, Inc., Jim Montone, Chairman, Hazle Township Supervisors, Mary Malone, President, Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, and Darlene Robbins, President, NEPA Manufacturers and Employers Association.

Charles Burkhardt highlighted Romark’s commitment to the area saying, “Over the years, we watched this organization fulfill promise after promise to improve the quality of life in greater Hazleton, not just in creation of employment, but as stewards of our community.” Darlene Robbins presented a plaque on behalf of the Manufacturers and Employers Association that commemorated Romark’s 20-year anniversary in Hazleton. 

Romarks deep appreciation for the Hazleton community was evident as Amy Lebovitz, Executive Vice President, Counsel stated, As our family had the privilege of watching this facility come into being, there is one word that captures our core sentiment—gratitude.”